Gin & Tonic Masterclasses

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Gin Tasting:

What does “Gin” actually mean? Why is there “London Dry Gin” on some bottles, and just “Gin” on others? In this workshop, you’ll get explained what the different types of Gin are, how they differ in production, and how you can recognize the different types. “The House of Gin” will also present their own Gin(s) incl. - of course - tasting them. Cheers!

How to make your own Gin:

In this workshop, Our/Berlin Vodka will cover the ingredients and procedure for making Compound Gin aka Bathtub Gin. Doing so you’'ll experience that anyone can make his/her own Gin at home. Best of all: You’ll take your own Gin home with you!


Sven Lukas from the Truffle Pig Bar will be showing you how to shake the best Gin Basil Smash in town. You’ll not only learn how to shake the original receipt but also a tasty Twist. - Happy Shaking!